Of War & Water

by Rae Fitzgerald

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Tim Walsh
Tim Walsh thumbnail
Tim Walsh I really appreciate being able to hear the early music and get a sense of where Rae's music comes from.
I had a really hard time picking a favorite because I just love Rae's voice.
'A Song for the End of the World' really resonated with me, but i love the lyrics in 'Here Runs the Night'... 'Hello, River' is also lovely...

Truth be told...I love them all. Favorite track: Here Runs the Night.
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This album was recorded live at Lucas Oswald's house in late January of 2011.


released April 13, 2011

All songs written by Rae Fitzgerald.
Album recorded and produced by Lucas Oswald
Mixed and mastered by Wil Reeves.

Rae Fitzgerald: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Lucas Oswald: Guitar, keyboard, piano
Josh Chittum: Melodica, organ
Ted Carstensen: Drums

Album artwork by Ben Chlapek

(c) 2011



all rights reserved


Rae Fitzgerald Columbia, Missouri

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Track Name: Valley Hymn
She dips down into the valley where there is no hope for rain. She sleepwalks into the desert, can't remember why she came.

But she don't believe in the lord no more, so she don't have him to blame. She goes down to see old Lucius, she walks back to town in flames.

She swims out to sea at high tide, when the water could crush ships. She dives deeper than the fishes; she aims to finish it.

But there is no sinking for weightless souls--She just floats back to the top. Puts a seashell o'er each eyelid, but can't scare old Lucius off.

She is leaving for the city. She is taking just one bag. She is leaving with her brother, and she is never coming back.

There are simple things--like sky, like trees-- there are simpler things than that. But each eye is blind in darkness. Brother Lucius taught her that.

With seawater in her lungs and a flame lodged in her throat and a weight that crushes diamonds on her back, she calls the damned to her street corner, old Lucius shows his looking glass.
Track Name: Captain Future
It's a shame that you should waste any time on me while I am being fitted for these clothes. That may or may not fit, that I may or may not like, that inevitably will wear into holes. But I'll get in to any party in this town with a machine gun on my back and new black shoes. You think the train I ride is scheduled; are you the conductor of the night, subtracting from my goodness times I've made you blue?

You've been surfing plastic waves. You've been taking the mannikin home. It's no secret that I reek of the old world. Captain Future, won't you show me your new soul?

With my failure in the tide and a bullet in my brain and a hand destined to strangle all I love, I step out into the day like a fawn into the clear, like a bomb drops from the sky declaring war. But I still go to ring your bell and find you in designer clothes, with the heart you stole from Poet Laureate. Vodka tears wash over your face; your mother's finally passed away, and now your hands will only shake when they are cold.

You've been surfing plastic waves. You've been taking the mannikin home. It's no secret that I reek of the old world. Captain Future, won't you show me your new soul?

They say a child's already been born that will live one thousand years with a body and a mind that's set in gold, but I was born with spotted lungs and a misbehaving tongue, cradled in the precipice of failing love.

And I've been running away to California. I've been wasting the Empress' time. I've been watching the flowers all catch fire. Captain Future, won't you show me your new mind?
Track Name: A Song for the End of the World
I couldn't decide between tattooing your birthday to my chest, driving off of a bridge, or drinking myself to death. Because I live in a graveyard, baby, where everyone but you gets up and moves around. I earn my dollars from desperate daughters. Their dead speak to me, but you don't make a sound.

They all tell me to accept that though I suffer the dead, you are never ever rising from the grave, never kissing the earth, never blessing my name, never putting my heart back in its chest.

You stole the moon from its blue reflection; you stole the wild dog's tongue and spoke to me. If you've a mouth, I've an ear from the same dead bitch--everyone knows you saw the gypsy lady with me. No lover is safe, no magic secure, no deck of cards sacred, no touch completely pure. My love was a race to the depths of your heart. Your kiss was the gunshot that shattered me from the start.

They all tell me to accept that though I suffer the dead, you are never ever rising from the grave, never kissing the earth, never blessing my name, never putting my heart back in its chest.

It's such a burden to rest when all the stars are a mess. Should I unloose the tight grip I hold on your word? I hold it over your grave; I hold it up to the sun. I can't be the only one who knows what was said.

The ground freezes at night and breaks apart all things lodged underneath. It's no better up here; the wind tears are skin open and splits the trees. And though we part at the end of the world, where nothing is sacred save this day, I walk around with your name inside my mouth, and no words could ever speak it away.
Track Name: One Little Orange
The sun beds down early and wakes up too late. I'm half-frozen here as I smoke in my cave of stained feather blankets and small pillow walls. Think I'll keep hiding out and rejecting phone calls, 'cause there's nowhere I really want to be, except maybe in a few memories that surface when I'm all alone. See the streetlamps outside your window color the snow?

I thought I was through writing songs about my little ghost, my eggshell for the filling, all my sorrowful toasts. All the raindrops that hit me so hard on the head finally rolled off my body and became ice instead, so I stopped feeling ashamed that I couldn't feel anymore pain. You can't expect one little orange to perform and perform and perform. And quench every last thirst and still hold in your hands what you had first... It's just not how that works. It's not how I work.

A treacherous romance might catch you sometimes. When her friends get involved, it's time to cut the ties. And your lover will cry, and she'll probably be mad. Say hello in a month, she's not feeling so bad.

It's a shape-shifting hole that we fill; your heart wraps around every new kill. Whether poison or gold, it's the same-- we want god's love to flow through our veins. So much that we tear off our clothes, dragging mystery down dead end dirt roads, to say "I'm not alone."
Track Name: Here Runs the Night
I would tell you that your ghost would be most welcome here, but I know you wouldn't come around. And I would tell you how I poured the bottle down the drain, but you'd still say I cursed way too loud.

And the harlots, they still knock on my backdoor. And the weeds still march on every grave. And no matter how I try to hold the sun up on its shine, it hides behind the earth, here runs the night.

I have opened every door that rose in front of me, just wanting to see what raged inside. And I have died in many cars and bathtubs, walls and friends just looking for good reasons to stay alive.

Do you think that I could find them on a train that I hire to bring me intact to where you are? only to feel your icy skin beneath my two hands just as cold? I guess our reasons are our own just like our lives. But we have to give them back's the compromise. So I'm trying to understand this loan, what I did to qualify. But midnight needs no reason to arrive.
Track Name: Clean, Clean Line
My love is a clean, clean line. A drug I can't get off my mind. My love is the sunshine.

Are you widow chic, are you eight ball fine? In codeine sleep, what dreams unwind? My love, she just burns time. My love burns right through time.

I'm married to the wolf, and she keeps me satisfied. No one else understood what it took to be called mine. But she's all mine.

Not even the specter could stop this crime. It was in my hand before anyone realized. I'm playing to win this time, and if I win I'm keeping each dime.

There's a jealous god above your head. I've got some righteous anger in our bed. Except my love's not fiction. Babe, my love's not fiction.
Track Name: A Traitor's Promise
Give me an hour and I'll make your ear gold; it will sweat with nostalgia, drip like honeycomb. Tap me for oil, and I'll make your pride rich with the ways I have mourned you in a public abyss. It's hard, lord it's hard loving you. But it's smooth wanting to.

It's been a challenge meeting in our youth. We're like French royalty; we're just too young to rule. With the world at our feet and our hearts in our hands, we stepped into the sun without making big plans. We both put blades to two different lakes, but both wound up skating the same figure eight. And it's hard, lord it's hard loving you. But it's smooth wanting to.

So we finished the war that we let others fight. Somehow when the smoke cleared we were on the same side. I make a traitor's promise from one to another--someday I'll settle down and just be your lover.

Because family moves back, and old bridges give way. Long blonde hair gets cut off, and old women gain weight. And some fires go out, but some fire's not flame; no, my heart beats electric as long as the bill gets paid. And it's hard, lord it's hard loving you. But it's smooth wanting to. So smooth wanting to.